Murdoch Mysteries “A Merry Murdoch Christmas”

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Rich with invention, humour and drama, Murdoch Mysteries is set in the intriguing world of the methodical and dashing detective William Murdoch. Pioneering innovative
forensic techniques to solve Toronto‚Äôs most gruesome murders at the dawn of the 20th century, the maverick detective and his team continue to push the boundaries of science as they solve the unsolvable, referencing key issues of the time and weaving real-life historical figures into each investigation. In this brand new Christmas special, the team are quickly on the case when a philanthropist is found dead before the holidays and the presents he distributes to Toronto’s orphans go missing. It is up to Murdoch, Ogden and the team at Station No. 4 to solve the mystery and save Christmas. Guest starring Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey, Spotless), Kelly Rowan (Perception, The O.C.) and film and television legend Ed Asner (Up, Elf, The Mary Tyler Moore Show) as a man who believes he’s Santa Claus.

Thursday 24th December
CAT: 20.00